Marketing Solutions

Marketing solutionsThe right marketing mix helps you to achieve:
  • customer satisfaction, and
  • profitable sales volume over maximum sales volume

We concentrate on marketing solutions, so you can concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business.

When you own a small or medium-sized company, you and your staff are wearing a lot of hats. Sometimes that means that marketing falls between the cracks. If you want to grow your business, we can help you to create or update a marketing plan that puts you in a position to compete.

Are you ready to reach out to today’s savvy consumers?

You may have already tried a variety of marketing and advertising strategies. Have these strategies been effective enough? Are you still marketing like it’s 1990? It’s easy to fritter away your marketing budget on methods that simply don’t work.

This is where CompEdge can step in to become your “marketing department.” Working closely with you and your staff, we can help you to develop a smart, practical, manageable marketing plan for promoting your products and services. We follow up with you periodically to ensure that your plan is still working and to help you make adjustments as the market grows and changes.

Can’t say no? We can.

You’re bombarded daily by sales representatives—via email, telephone, on your mobile devices, and in-person who want your marketing dollars. Before you spend your money on another marketing scheme, give us a call. We help you to figure out what makes sense and what is a waste of your money. If you don’t understand what they are selling, you can even have them call us on your behalf. Then we can advise you accordingly; or even say, “no” for you, if you just can’t.

Don’t throw your marketing dollars away. Contact us for marketing solutions that lead to bottom-line results.